Pencari Jalanmu - Afgan

Pencari Jalanmu - Afgan

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Biography of Afgan:

Afgan Syah Reza is a newcomer to the world of Indonesian music. Its presence is marked by his debut album CONFESSION NO.1 in January 2008.

The album produced by Want to B Production and distributed by PT Sony-BMG was composed of 13 songs. Where's flagship song as the song Thank You Love, Mandy and the deadline without her music video starring the director Thalita Latief Jose Purnomo.

With color-influenced pop music, soul, R & B and jazz, this album involve famous musicians, such as Dawn LMN, Harry Budiman (producer Ladder), Deddy Dhukun, Dian HP and Bebi Romeo as a composer.

Afgan itself is the second child of four children and partner Lola Loyd Yahya Purnama. Born in Jakarta, May 27, 1989, he was great in the family of music lovers, who then opened the opportunity to develop her career.

Afgan solo career is marked by the rise achieved achievement in music belantika Indonesia. In the event Anugrah Musik Indonesia 2009, Afghan singer awarded Best Male Solo through the song Thank You Love.

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Success on the album, making Afgan wanted to give the best on his second album. His second album will be released in August 2009. Afgan here will carry the music in the 60's.

Afgan achievements in the field of attraction not only sound echoing in the country. But also to the country Jiran, Malaysia. He entered into the nomination arena Planet Muzik Anugerah 2009.

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