Tomat (Tobat Maksiat)-Wali

Tomat (Tobat Maksiat)-Wali

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Biography of Wali Band:

Wali Band is a genre Local band formed Creative Characters on October 31, 1999, with personnel consisting of Faank (vocals), Apoy (guitar), Tom (drums), Ovie ((keyboard & synt), and Nunu (bass). Albums Their first release titled PEOPLE SAID March 26, 2008.

In the album, the song relies Wali Dik as hit singles, in which soap star Shireen Sungkar didaulat also become a model video clip of the song. In addition to several singles such as Basic Emang, People Say, Stay and Egokah I Survived.

Dik a mainstay songs that incorporate elements of the group that recorded dangdut to mid-May 2008, had become RBT (Ringbacktone) for a million mobile phone owners. This is a barometer of success berangotakan group of five men.

Successful debut album, the mayor will soon release a second album. Previously, the Guardian has released the single hero of his latest album, Find a love match. In fact, thanks to the single RBT Search this love match, the mayor got gifts from labels Umroh, Nagaswara.

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