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Profile Of Ungu Band :

Purple is a band whose members are Pasha Indonesia (Sigit Purnomo SS / singer), Makki (Makki O. Parikshit / bass), Enda (Franco Medjaya Kusuma / guitar), Onci (Arlonsy Miraldi / guitar), and Rowman (M. Nur Rohman / drums).

This band was founded in 1996, with Makki as the sole initial personnel who are still active today. Until the year 2007 they have produced 4 albums and 2 mini album.

Purple's first album was released July 6, 2002, LAGUKU. Previously, Purple 2 songs come fill (Hasrat dan Bunga) on a compilation album with lakuna KLIK, Borneo, Piknik and Energy. Although somewhat successful, their debut album received Platinum Award after nearly 2 years this album was released.

The second album was released in December 2003 called TEMPAT TERINDAH that sponsor track Karena Dia Kamu.

Floating, their third album was released in December 2005. This album established a record with a sack double platinum (selling more than 300,000 copies) in the first month of circulation. The echo of the song mainstay of this third album, By the time extended to the country and competed Jiran 4 labels Malaysian companies who want the right orbit.

Surgamu mini album was released in September 2006 to welcome the month of Ramadan 1427 AH In the first week album sales of 150 thousand printed copies.

The fourth regular album titled Purple YOU EVER released in four countries in Asia. An album that relies on track Gelapku Beloved, Love in Your Heart, What is the Meaning of Love and Let I was released on August 9, 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 10, 2007 in Singapore, Hong Kong August 12, 2007, and August 15, 2007 summit in Jakarta, Indonesia .

Welcoming Ramadhan 1428 H, Purple released another album in the form of religious mini-album titled THE PENCARIMU. Before the mini-album was released, three of the five songs have been chosen as the soundtrack of religious soap opera that appear during the month of Ramadan.

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