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Biography of Gigi :

DENTAL band formed in Bandung, West Java, March 22, 1994. The group carried the kind of pop and rock music was originally digawangi by Armand Maulana, Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan, Ronald Fristianto, and god Budjana.

In the course of acting in pop music blantika Indonesia, GIGI has undergone several personnel changes. DENTAL current formation consists of, Armand Maulana, Dewa Budjana, Thomas Ramdhan, and Gusti Hendy.

DENTAL titled debut album fantasy (1994), but unfortunately due to lack of promotional support, the first album received less than the market. Following the second album, THE WORLD (1995), received a good reception from the fans. With the promise mainstay song, the album sold 400,000 copi.

Due to the emergence of difference and conflict, in September 1995, the Baron is officially out of GIGI, then followed by Thomas and Ronald in November 1996. GIGI which has only two personnel, eventually recruiting Opet Alatas (bassist) and Budhy Haryono (drummer).

DENTAL issued next album 3 / 4 (1996). Following the album 2x2 (1997) by holding Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) to play bass in contributing a song Cry Baby. GIGI also invite Indra Lesmana with Tractor berkomposisi in song.

On March 22, 1999 Thomas who finished re-enter rehab as a personnel group that in 2006 a successful year with the album's religious HEAVEN DOOR.

Other albums ever released the FLASHBACK THE TEETH (1998), GOOD (1999), THE GREATEST HITS LIVE (2000), FOR ALL AGE (2001), THE BEST OF TEETH (2002), SALAM EIGHT (2003), OST BROWNIES ( 2004), Reach TRIUMPH (2004), Reach-REPACKAGE TRIUMPH (2005), NEXT CHAPTER (2006), PORT OF HEAVEN (2006), and PEACE, LOVE & RESPECT (2007)

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