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Biography Of Saykoji:

Through the song So What Gitu Loh on the first album began Saykoji name known to the public. At that time, Dear Heart is one rapper that is calculated after the era of Iwa K dimmed. Quite successful with the first album, Dear Heart also released a second album with the singles Singles.

Saykoji true only consist of singers, namely Ignatius Rosoinaya Penyami, or more often called Igor. Igor himself was once not much like rap music, because rap music is not clear in reciting poetry. But when listening to rap musicians Indonesia, Black Skin, Iwa K, and the Neo finally he started to fall in love with rap music and studying music further.

Igor then select the name of Dear Heart as his stage name. This started when she was a high school are not slang, but a loner, until once known as pschyo. Of this title, the name Saykoji appeared.

Igor who already have Aaron Miguel Penyami children from his marriage to Tessy Penyami this in 2009, re-spawn a new single titled Online. Although the new form of singles, but this song is quite a boom, even the theme song used as a cellular phone products, which makes this song even more popular.

If recent IM3 advertising jingles, Online, which is sung by a fat-bodied man, plague was the result of a long process. Approximately six months ago the original song of the same name is created and then offered to a number of labels or radio stations and not getting a response.

Various reasons put forward. Segmented problem or limited market segment and so on, who did not wear ear. But Saykoji, so the name of this rap group, not persisted until finally hired by a GSM provider. Popular songs themselves are inspired by everyday life. Thus said Igor, in Kelapa Gading Square, Sunday (26 / 7).

"Actually, from our daily lives that always play games online or online community forum. From there we collected was then made the song," he said diangguki thunder and Ajiz.

About the song Popular is familiar in the ears, Igor admitted grateful. The reason, they never thought this song would have skyrocketed as juxtaposed with IM3 advertising jingles.

"Obviously pleased, yes, a lot of songs we like. In fact, last year was half a man no one has responded. Especially when the song was offered to the labels and radio rebuffed," he continued this fat guy shaking.

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