Too Sweet To Forget-Slank


Biography of Slank:

Slank Music Group is one of the top band, which originated from the establishment Cikini Stones Complex (CSC) in December 1983, the band consisting of high school kids Cikini University, Jakarta.

CSC consists of Ben Setiawan (drums), Boy (guitar), Kiki (guitar), Abi (bass), Uti (vocals), and Well Welly (vocals), which expresses the love of many songs the Rolling Stones. Unfortunately, however, this group did not survive and disperse.

As the development time, Slank personnel changes up to 14 times in 1996 which lasted until now. The last formation starts from the album 7 Slank, consisting of Bimbim (drums), Kaka (vocals), Ivanka (bass), Ariyo (guitar), and Abdee (guitar).

Slank albums, among Suit-Suit .... Hehehe (Gadis Sexy) (1990), Kampungan (1991), Piss (1993), Generation Blue (1995), Minority (1996), More Sad (1996), Seven ( 1997), Mata Hati Reformasi (1998), 1999 (999), Virus (2001), One One (2003), Gallery! (2003), Road to Peace (2004), PLUR (2005), Slankisme (2006) and Slow But Sure (2007).

Meanwhile, songs from the album Street Gossip PLUR released in 2004 to bear the spotlight from members of the House of Representatives. Slank which then became an anti-corruption ambassador to the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) considered 'abusive' council through the poetry of the song. DPR-RI through the Institute plans to launch the Honorary Council of the demands of this young group, although later canceled the plan.

Plan to Go International Slank became visible in mid-2008. In collaboration with The Big Hip, a band from Japan, producing an album, THE BIG HIP. Amazingly in this album, Slank use 3 languages at once, Indonesia, Japan and the UK. For the slanker, Slank will give a bonus in the form of VCDs Exclusive Slank activities in Japan when the purchase of tapes or CDs Slank album.

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