SuperLauncher, merupakan sebuah tools yang dapat digunakan untuk membuat beberapa shortcut yang dapat digunakan untuk membuka dan menjalankan sejumlah dokumen serta aplikasi yang diinginkan.
Dengan SuperLauncher membuka dan menjalankan sejumlah program, dokumen, website, dan folder akan terasa lebih cepat jika Anda melakukannya dengan sebuah shortcut

SuperLauncher™ Key Features :
Keyboard hotkeys

SuperLauncher supports keyboard shortcuts to launch your files, folders, programs, and websites. Hotkeys are easily assigned and can be formed by any combination of keys.

Drag and drop

SuperLauncher supports drag n drop for the addition of new shortcuts. To add new shortcuts to SuperLauncher, all you have to do is drag whatever you want and drop it inside SuperLauncher's tiny desktop window. SuperLauncher will do the rest.

Grouping of shortcuts

SuperLauncher supports the grouping of shortcuts. You can gather any number of shortcuts into a group, and even groups into groups. A shortcut group can also be assigned a hotkey, or scheduled, just like a simple shortcut can.

Power scheduler

SuperLauncher is also a power scheduler that allows you to easily schedule the execution of any resource in your computer. You can schedule a resource to run one time, or n times within a period.

Shortcuts to systems tasks

Use keyboard shortcuts to perform common Windows tasks such as log off, shutdown, restart, or empty recycle bin. Many pre-defined tasks that can increase your productivity right away.

Text pasting with hotkeys

SuperLauncher supports pasting text in the active window using shortcuts. Forget about writing that same line of text over and over again. Create a shortcut to paste that same text whenever you need it with a simple hotkey.

Scheduled reminders

SuperLauncher allows you to set message reminders that appear on the screen on scheduled times. You set the message and the time you wish it to show on your desktop, this way you won't miss any important meeting or important events that you may be too busy to remember.

Extreme ease of use

SuperLauncher is extremely easy to use. You will have no difficulty in operating it even right after you install it for the first time. SuperLauncher has a very simple and intuitive interface that will not keep you guessing at anytime.

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