Makes all the text on the Web interactive with hyperwords

Hyperwords for Firefox 5.6.5
Hyperwords for Firefox makes all the text on the Web interactive, for one click access to: 24 search engines, including for people, blogs, and news; 14 references, including Wikippedia, dictionary, and academic. Go via Google Lucky, URL, and Skype. Copy text plain or with URL. Print page or selection. 8 Places to shop. E-mail immediately or via mail. 6 different taggers, with search. Blog with Blogger or WordPress. Look up maps, local time, weather and package tracking. 6 different types of server information.This free Firefox add-on saves you the hassle of performing multiple searches for the same word, but we found it awkward to navigate.

Hyperwords for Firefox appears as a pop-up menu when you either select text on a Web page or perform a search via the Firefox search field. The menu isn't much to look at, but you'll find all sorts of links for reference, news, and social-networking Web sites. We were able to type a word into a single field and search multiple sources without having to retype the word. Likewise, we were able to select a word on a Web page and perform the same quick searches. We especially liked the options for e-mailing links and mapping locations directly from the Web page.
The program is a bit annoying and awkward to navigate because it pops up every time you search, even when you don't want to use it. The preferences menu does offer you several options for activating the program and we found that the F2 option worked best for preventing the program from making an unwanted appearance. Even with that minor annoyance, this is a great program for speeding up your Internet searches.

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