Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92,
Banyak program untuk memanajemen file music yang ada pada PC kita, salah satunya Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92. Adalah program professional yang dengan dukungan UNICODE dalam WMA/MP3 tag, ID3v1 dan ID3v2 MP3 tag, Import/eksport audio tag. Kelebihan lain dari program ini memiliki fungsi sebagai playlist dan filelist, mengubah tag WMA/MP3. Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92 mendukung penuh PC yang berbasiskan Windows 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, dan 2003 Server. Saat saya mencobanya ternyata program ini pun bisa difungsikan untuk mengetikan sebuah lirik pada sebuah lagu yang tersimpan di PC, dan masih banyak kemampuan menarik lainnya yang patut kita coba. Gimana, tertarik untuk mencobanya…? Jika iya silahkan download programnya dan pelajari lebih lengkapnya di

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MP3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92 is a professional-level audio tag editor with UNICODE support. Support for a full spectrum of tag information and a choice of modes, both manual and automated, help swiftly generate, edit and manage tags, file lists, and playlists. Its extended capabilities make MP3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92 useful for music library management as well as business use.

Support ID3v1 and ID3v2, WMA metadata, iTunes metadata, Ogg Vorbis comments and APE tags.

However rich the assortment of its features is, MP3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92 remains simple in use. Partly it is due to its comfortable working panel with multiple tabs for each operation. A click on the tab brings forward the fields available for editing in each tag group.

Supported tag fields include media player tags, commercial and publishing information, comments, lyrics, and URLs. The Selected Items window instantly shows the virtual image of tag changes. To save the changes to files, however, you should click on the Save button. Tagged information can also be filled in automatically by connecting to The window also provides a multi-tab interface for one-click filtering. A click on an appropriate tab limits the selection to a single file extension or a tag format. The multi-frame interface with tab filters makes the functionality of the program readily available to the user of any competence.

Thanks to advanced selection and filtering features, MP3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92 can easily handle numerous music files. After marking files in the Selected Items window, you can generate and edit tags for all the selected files. To raise the efficiency of batch processing, the program offers a batch mode where users can also form a list of actions that need to be done and save the list as a profile. The batch mode should further facilitate the management of music file libraries.

The functionality introduced in MP3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92, wide range of tags (up to 35), support for Unicode symbols, batch mode, intuitive interface, animated tutorials, and other advanced features make a robust, multipurpose tool for better management of music files.

Make your MP3 M4A WMA OGG APE TTA and FLAC files complete by filling in detailed information such as main tags, original tags, Internet tags, commercial information, lyrics, comments, and cover art (artwork). Save hours of manual labor by working in Batch mode, allowing you to edit very large lists of music files!

Download MP3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92 today for a free 30-day trial.

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