Download Accelerator Plus 9

Download accelerator yang satu ini sudah tidak lagi diragukan lagi performancenya. Kecepatan download mencapai 200% dibandingkan dengan software lainnya. Kemampuan tersebut diperoleh karena dalam melakukan download, software ini membagi file yang didownload menjadi bagian-bagian yang lebih kecil, serta selalu dicari mirror yang dianggap paling cepat. Silahkan download disini

QuickTime 7.4.1

Just launch QuickTime Player, and there's no telling where you're likely to land. The Player may whisk you to the Moon or perhaps to an exotic location on this planet. Take you on a virtual field trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Or treat you to the latest news, movie trailers, music videos, HBO series or PBS specials. That's because QuickTime 7 Player takes advantage of the latest video compression technology. It's called H.264, and it's an important new industry standard that's quickly garnered widespread support. Chosen as the industry-standard codec for 3GPP (mobile multimedia), MPEG-4 HD-DVD and Blu-ray, H.264 represents the next generation of video for everything from mobile multimedia to high-definition playback. H.264 icon.
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Recover My Files

Recover My Files is a data recovery program that will recover:

  • Files and Folders emptied from the Recycle Bin.

  • Files and Folders deleted using DOS commands (via the command line).

  • Drives that have been accidentally re-formatted - even after a new operating system has been installed.

  • Digital camera storage cards which have been formatted or from which photos have been deleted.

  • Temporary backup files created by applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Recover My Files can recover data from various types of file storage media including; Hard Drives; Floppy disks; Zip Disks; Digital camera cards; USB Drives; or any other storage device where the Drive Letter [e.g. C; D; E; etc] can be seen or the physical drive recognized

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Download TuneUp Utilities 2008

TuneUp Utilities 2008 kaleng membuat sistem operasi Windows lebih cepat, lebih terjamin dan nyaman mu dengan hanya beberapa klik. Dan semua operasi melaksanakan di sistem operasi itu dengan sepenuhnya aman, karena semua perubahan dimonitor oleh TuneUp Rescue Center dan dapat dilepaskan pada setiap waktu

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